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The "Star" among irrigation machines

Almost 40 years ago, BAUER revolutionized the world of irrigation with the reel system. Much has happened since then. We have not rested on our laurels; rather, we have worked constantly to further develop the BAUER system. Through innovation, such as the introduction of turbine technology and the production of our own gearboxes and turbines, we have been able to further expand our lead. Decades of experience in the field have given rise to new technologies and the current BAUER Rainstar family. Rainstar stands for robust construction and long service life under the most difficult conditions. Every customer will find just the right solution from among the 70 models on offer. 

Choose your Rainstar from BAUER.

Insourcing ensures quality and builds trust

For decades, BAUER has successfully employed the practice of insourcing to ensure quality, and we are the only manufacturer of reel irrigation machines to follow this principle. Instead of purchasing individual parts from all over the world, key components such as controls, gearboxes, turbines, polyethylene pipes, etc. are manufactured internally at the BAUER plant by specialists trained in-house. In this way, we offer our customers the highest quality and precision. In return, they give us what we value most: their trust.

Top quality without a doubt – BAUER.

Theory x Practice = BAUER

Which came first, theory or practice, is a philosophical question. At BAUER, the two worlds go hand in hand. Just as they have for decades. Our development department plays a pivotal role at our company, acting as both coordinator and communication platform. It has a direct line to our customers as well as to leading scientists at renowned universities. This is how we raise the bar in both theory and practice to help create the world of tomorrow.

We create the future– BAUER.