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The most efficient system beneath the sun

Large fields place high demands on any irrigation system. Differing terrain as well as soil structure, crops and above all, wind conditions, on a single field can significantly impact efficiency and profitability.

BAUER rises to these challanges with intelligent and especially robust solutions. For instance with GPS- controlled pivot systems that adapt perfectly to the changing conditions. Precise directional control and high-quality technology ensure perfect functioning. The wide wheelbase also provides greater stability under heavy winds and ensures uniform irrigation even under difficult conditions.

The more difficult the conditions, the better BAUER performs.


BAUER has been planning and implementing individual irrigation systems for many decades and therefore has a lot of experience. Our specialists plan turn-key and customized projects. 

We plan everything from stand-alone systems to large scale irrigation systems. We always plan according to the priciples of sustainablitiy and European standards of quality. This provides our customers with both environmental and economic benefits due to economical and efficient water use and longevity. 

Quality that passes through fire

Water qualities vary widely. Nevertheless, expectations of long service life and efficiency are always equally high.

In response, BAUER has developed a level of quality that withstands even highly corrosive fluids. Hot-dip galvanization of parts therefore takes place exclusively in ISO-certified workshops according to the most stringent European galvanization standards. For difficult liquids, pivot systems are made of stainless steel or with an interior coating. 

Guarantee for maximum service life – hot-dip galvanized quality from BAUER.

Satisfied customers thanks to perfect assembly

Even with the most innovate technology and the highest material quality, pivot irrigation systems must not fall short in one aspect in particular: perfect assembly!

Accordingly, BAUER employs only technicians who have received special in-house training. These technicians are also responsible for ensuring perfect knowledge transfer between BAUER and its sales partners throughout the world. They make an important contribution to customer satisfaction in this way.

Satisfied customers make us happy – BAUER. 

Replacement parts are original parts

Long downtimes can impact quality and harvest yield. This is why all BAUER service locations around the world as well as many of our dealers have comprehensive stocks of replacement parts. In addition, all have direct access to the replacement parts warehouse at the main BAUER plant. Parts are shipped on the same day as the order, whenever possible. In order to ensure rapid, expert and inexpensive assembly, BAUER has developed special repair kits. They turn downtime back to uptime.

A hit with every customer: the repair kit from BAUER.