BAUER References

Turning effluent into profit

Casey Taylor, Australia

MELBOURNE: A farmer in Heathmere near Portland has innovated with a cocktail of water in an effluent separation program to add value to his pastures.

Surrylea Farm's supplies the Murray Goulburn Co-Op with milk run by Casey Taylor and his family who look after 450 cross-bred Jerseys and Friesians for milking, on 415 hectares of pastureland.

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Farmer saves thousands of dollars with a simple technique, turning waste into profits

John Hunt, Australia

MELBOURNE: A south western farmer has teamed up with local dealers ThinkWater in Mt Gambier and Warrnambool to put to good use, waste from their dairy cattle.

John Hunt who manages a dairy farm in Kongarong, is a thick set New Zealander with a beard, and a voracious appetite for farming. He lives, eats and breathes farming and almost knows all his cows by name. 

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Swan Hill farmer with first Bauer poly lined pivot

Ken Westmore, Australia

On the upper side of Swan Hill at Boundary Bend, Ken Westmore takes a long look over his 3,000 acres of mainly potatoes in their various stages. The sun is shining and there is the noise of a loader and the sweet smell of lucerne in a paddock nearby. Ken is testing out his purchase in a world-first of a “Polystar” poly lined centre pivot irrigator made by Bauer of Austria, which he bought from Swan Hill Irrigation, one of the most important Australian Bauer dealers.

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Vertical spray guarantees sales of pure turf

Adam Little, Australia

Melbourne: When an idea crystallises into a potential reality, the only thing left is commitment. So it was when Adam Little decided that the hamlet of Yahl and turf might be a good fit.

Adam has farming running through his veins, from his father Les Little who operates a farm nearby and in Strathdownie across the Victorian - South Australian border. He grew up with sheep and cattle later venturing out on his own, purchasing a going concern in Yahl, a beautiful neck of the woods close to Mt Gambier.

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